Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Dec 02, 2021

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Dec 02, 2021
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

December 1
Unit 1 went left of center and off the roadway striking a guardrail causing disabling damage to Unit 1.

A complainant advised she believed someone was squatting in the residence owned by the victim. Upon arrival, the back door was destroyed, so the house was checked. There was no evidence anyone was residing there.

A complainant reported that a suspect came to her place of work and was threatening and harassing her. The suspect was asked to leave several times by the managers of the business. The suspect finally left. The suspect has been told several times to not have any contact with the victim. A copy of the report will be forwarded to the City Law Director for review.

December 2
A deputy responded to the area of Quarry Chapel Road near Zion Road on an injured deer lying in the ditch, that needed to be dispatched. The deer was dispatched with the deputy’s issued sidearm and a report was written.