Computer Security Day

Computer Security Day on November 30th reminds us to protect our computers. Every day, computers become faster and more advanced. Protecting the resources, tools, and information on them protects the people who use them, too.

Since the first home computer, how we use them has changed. Today, we use computers to stay connected. We bank and work from home. While computers are on every campus in every school, many gain an education right from home. We do our taxes, attend meetings, and research complex issues all on computers.

It makes sense to do everything possible to keep these powerful machines secure. Right? Some of them hold a lifetime of data. Precious and irreplaceable photos, journals, novels, passwords. It is vital to protect even a portion of that information. Our very identity exists on computers.

Identity theft, fraud, ransomware, and viruses constantly attack our computers. They seek the most vulnerable users. In an instant, they take us offline, derailing a lifetime of accomplishment. Protect your family and business by giving your computers a security check-up.