Winter Driving Safety

*Before beginning your trip, check the current road conditions and weather forecast. For statewide highway information 24 hours a day checkout your state’s *Department of Transportation

*Keep your car’s windows, mirrors and lights clear of snow and ice
*Buckle up
*Allow yourself plenty of time to make it to your destination
*Be aware of sleet and freezing rain
*Be aware of potentially icy areas
*Brake early and slowly and avoid slamming on the brakes
*Keep a safe distance of at least five seconds behind other vehicles and trucks that are plowing the road
*When driving on ice and snow, do not use cruise control and avoid abrupt steering maneuvers
*When merging into traffic, take it slow — Sudden movements can cause your vehicle to slide
*Don’t pass a snowplow or spreader unless it is absolutely necessary — treat these as you would emergency response vehicles
*Keep an emergency winter driving kit in your car
*Maintain at least a half tank of gas during the winter season. This is good for emergency preparedness and it keeps the fuel line from freezing.
*Most importantly, drive smart!

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