Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Nov 22, 2021

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Nov 22, 2021
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

November 19
A complainant called the Knox County Sheriff’s Office to report that their personal information had been used by an unknown person(s) to secure a loan for over $1,000.00.

Ricky J. Matthews Jr. was located and arrested on an outstanding warrant out of the Knox County Court of Common Pleas. Ricky was transported to the Knox County Jail where he was released to jail staff.

November 20
A complainant called the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and requested a deer slip for a deer that had been hit by a car and was on their property. A deer slip was issued and a report was filed to document the incident.

Unit 1 was traveling west on Old Delaware Road. Unit 1 drove off the right side of the roadway on Old Delaware Road sideswiped a utility pole causing damage to the pole. Unit 1 then struck a culvert continuing west running over a bush and coming to rest on a front yard on Old Delaware Road. AEP utility pole owner AEP.

Unit 1 was southbound on Bypass Road/SR13 at about Waterford Road, when a deer ran onto the roadway and struck Unit 1, causing damage.

A complainant reported that sometime since Spring of this year, person(s) unknown dumped trash on her property.

November 21
Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Hampshire Road on a possible domestic violence incident. The victim/complainant called in stating that her husband was highly intoxicated and had attempted to suffocate her with a pillow, then pinned her up against a wall with her 2-year-old and 4-week-old sons present. Once the suspect realized law enforcement had been called and were en route, he then fled the scene with a rifle and made threats that he would not go to jail. A Cop Alert was also issued in response to his threats and a warrant was issued for domestic violence. SUPPLEMENT: Deputies were dispatched to Sycamore Road on a report that Ron Hays is at the residence causing a disturbance. While en route we were advised by dispatch that Ron left the residence in a white pickup truck. A deputy observed the truck in front of him. A traffic stop was initiated on Sherrer Road near Devore Road. Ron was ordered out of the vehicle and placed under arrest for an outstanding warrant out of KCSO. Ron advised that he had a .22 caliber pistol in the vehicle. Deputy Collins did locate a S&W .22 caliber pistol behind the front passenger seat. The pistol was impounded for safekeeping. Ron was transported to the KCSO Jail without incident.

A complainant called to report that a resident at their facility made suicidal threats and then left the facility. Deputies were dispatched and the individual was located and transported to KCH for a mental health evaluation.