Fredericktown Annual Christmas Walk Gingerbread Contest

This year, the Gingerbread Contest will be held at , 16 E. Sandusky Street, Fredericktown. Drop off your gingerbread creation at the Masonic Lodge from 2:30 – 3:00 pm, December 4th.
Your gingerbread design does not have to be a house – it can be a train, car, airplane, space ship, animal, or whatever you dream up! Each gingerbread creation will have a numbered box. Donations to each box is considered a vote. The gingerbread creation with the most donations will determine the winner in each category. The more donations, the better your chance to win. You can encourage your friends and family to donate to your gingerbread creation! The winners will be announced on our Facebook page, and awards will be given to first place in each category.
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New this year, we will have an area set aside from the contest where children will have the fun of making their own creation using graham crackers and other “building materials.” You can make a simple graham cracker creation and take it with you. This is a fun activity that is separate from the contest and not part of the judging.
Provide the following info:
Email address
Cell phone
Category (choose one for each entry)
Youth – 12 and under
Teen – 13 to 18
Adult – 19 and older
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Information courtesy of the Fredericktown Annual Christmas Walk and Auction