Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Nov 11, 2021

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Nov 11, 2021
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

November 9
A deputy was made aware of an injured deer in the driveway of Centerburg Pointe that had been struck by a vehicle. The deputy arrived at the location and dispatched the deer with their issued sidearm.

A complainant reported that he found possible stolen items near his home. The items could not be properly identified.

November 10
Unit 1 while traveling east on Old Delaware Road, did strike a deer near the intersection on Blue Road causing damage to the front and right front corner of Unit 1, and killing the deer.

Deputies were dispatched to Tucker Road on a disabled vehicle that had been left in the road. Two attempts were made to contact the owner. Calls were not returned. The vehicle was impounded. The owner of the vehicle did show up after the car had been loaded and advised he could pay for the tow and the vehicle would be returned. The owner advised that he had no money and that he would try to get it out of impound the following day. A report was taken on this incident. Bodycam video was taken during this call.

A deputy was advised of a vehicle on Chase Avenue that was immobilized on November 9, 2021 due to unpaid tickets. The vehicle was towed and impounded by On The Spot Towing.

A complainant reported that sometime overnight person(s) unknown took his utility trailer.

A deputy was informed by hospital Emergency Room staff that a male who was there held on a pink slip was running out of the hospital. He was apprehended and taken back into the Emergency Room.