BBB Tip: Got a Lap to Spare or a Hand to Lend? Animal Shelters Could Use Your Help


Several rescue animals could use a reprieve, a little time out from the shelter, and maybe you have a little extra time or space. Many shelters may be at capacity with dogs, cats, or rabbits in need of a home. This is putting a strain on the staff and on the animals. Because of this scenario, area shelters are asking pet lovers for some help.

Fostering a pet may be the ideal stress reliever. If you could use some tail wagging happiness or a purr-fectly content companion, reach out to a local shelter to see how you can help by fostering.

The Better Business Bureau has some tips when volunteering to help a shelter:

  • Consider your time. Be ready to devote 30-60 minutes a day to pet care, walks, etc. Think about the best way to involve the whole family for daily care from feeding, to walking, to playing and keeping an eye on the pet. If you are working from home, can you make a plan to keep your fostered guest entertained while on a conference video or audio call?
  • Consider your space. Many breeds, larger ones especially, need a lot of room to run and play. Do you have a yard or a nearby park where your new pup can get lots of exercise?
  • Consider your family. If you have young children at home, a puppy maybe a handful. A grown dog with a calm temperament might be a better choice.
  • Consider other pet family members. Are your other pets willing to bring in another member to the pack? Carefully think about temperament and if there are enough places in the home for them to be apart when necessary.

Should you decide the foster pet is a great fit and should permanently be a part of your family,  check out these tips from the ASPCA, a BBB Accredited Charity, on adoption.

Beware of possible scams when considering adopting an animal and check out the shelter on


Information courtesy of the Better Business Bureau