Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Nov 01, 2021

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Nov 01, 2021
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

October 30
Unit 1 was traveling north on Dill Road. Unit 1 went off the right side of the road striking a mailbox and breaking it off at the base.

A complainant advised his neighbor’s swine regularly appear on his property disrupting his livestock.

Unit 1 was traveling northbound when he was stopped to make a left turn into Lanning’s Foods. Unit 2 was pulling out of Lanning’s turning right/south, crossing the center line striking Unit 1. Unit 2 was pulled over off the roadway to the side of the road and Unit 1 was stopped in the northbound lane when I arrived.

Unit 1 was traveling Northbound on Tucker Road. The driver of Unit 1 went through standing water on the roadway at the stated speed of 35mph. Unit 1 left the left side of the roadway striking the ditch and rolling over on the driver’s side before coming to a stop.

October 31
Unit 1 was traveling Eastbound on Columbus Road when Unit 1 struck a deer causing functional damage to the front of the vehicle.

Deputies were dispatched to a residence in Martinsburg on a possible burglary in progress. The complainant called 911 and advised that someone had entered their residence without permission during the night and needed deputies to respond to the residence immediately. Deputies arrived on the scene and cleared the residence before making contact with the complainant. Statements were collected and a report was written.

Unit 1 was driving north on Granville Road and struck a deer in the roadway causing functional damage to Unit 1.

Deputies were dispatched to Kenyon College on a student going through mental health issues. Deputies were able to make contact with the individual and determined that he would be transported to the Knox Community Hospital, where he was pink-slipped mandating a mental health evaluation.

Unit 1 was traveling westbound on SR 229 and struck a deer.

November 1
Deputies were dispatched to the Apple Valley Resort in Howard on a possible suicidal female. Deputies were able to locate and interview the female individual and convinced her to voluntarily go to the Knox Community Hospital and speak to a Behavioral Health Representative.