Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Oct 21, 2021

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Oct 21, 2021
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

October 20
Kenyon College Campus Safety’s Office called the Sheriff’s Office and advised that one of their security officers located a mason jar containing drugs and drug paraphernalia on College Park Street in Gambier. Deputies responded to Campus Safety Office and gathered the items and placed them into the Sheriff’s Office evidence room for destruction.

A complainant reported that people were camping on her property. Subjects were located and warned for criminal trespass. One female, Seanna J. Wheeler, was arrested on a warrant.

October 21
Unit 1 was driving south on Upper Gilchrist Road near Yauger Road and swerved to avoid a deer in the roadway, causing Unit 1 to run off the right side of the road and strike a 35 mph speed limit sign. The property owner of the 35 mph speed limit sign is Monroe Township.

A complainant called the Sheriff’s Office and reported that she believed her neighbors were shooting a cannon off and she wanted them told to stop. Deputies responded to the complaint and found that the three suspects had set an air cannon on the property line pointing at the complainant’s house. They admitted that they had set the air cannon at its current location to disturb the neighbor. The suspects were given minor misdemeanor citations for disorderly conduct.

Unit #1 was traveling southbound on Ankenytown Road when a deer jumped in the roadway in front of him and Unit #1 hit the deer on the left front of his vehicle causing damage to the vehicle.

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