FFA Forestry Teams Compete


The Mount Vernon FFA forestry teams competed in the county, district, and state competitions earlier this month.

At the county level, team members identified various tree species, estimated the diameter and height, and appraised the sale value of the tree.  Students used the information they gathered from 10 trees to assess the value of a woodlot. These skills can be used in a career or as a future property owner.

The members that competed in the County competition were Oliver Rupprecht, Ashlyn Lust, Emilia Camp, Gracie Morrison, Maze Morrison, Mack Hanna, Madi Dudgeon, Brock Blankenhorn, Orissa Humes, Sam Ladig, Hailey Stagg, and Erin Combs. The top 5 individuals on the team were Hailey Stagg, Mack Hanna, Madi Dudgeon, Ashlyn Lust, and Emilia Camp.

At the district and state competitions, members identified tree species and determined the tree’s volume and its potential sale value. Members also identified forestry equipment and chainsaw parts, recognized forest diseases and disorders, and took a written test covering general knowledge of the forestry industry.

The members that competed in the district contests were Brock Blankenhorn, Ashlyn Lust, Erin Combs, Hailey Stagg, Gracie Morrison, Oliver Rupprecht, Maze Morrison. The top 5 individuals were Brock Blankenhorn, Erin Combs, Oliver Rupprecht, Gracie Morrison, and Hailey Stagg.

Erin Combs competed in the state competition representing the Mount Vernon FFA. Individually she was 54th in the state.


Information courtesy of Mount Vernon City Schools