FFA Competes In Soil Competition

The Mount Vernon FFA Chapter recently competed in the county, district, and state soils competition. The chapter had a team representing both the rural and the urban contests.

In the county competition, members judged the soil’s properties, the overall risk to the soil, and the best management practices needed to farm or build on the land.

The county rural soils team placed 6th in the competition. The top 5 individuals on this team were Ashlyn Lust, Chase Temple, Ashiton Hays, Case Armstrong, and Anysten Vanhouten. The urban soils team placed 4th in the district. The top 5 individuals were Brock Blankenhorn, Oliver Rupprecht, Orissa Humes, Hailey Stagg, and Logan Armstrong. All top five individuals advanced to the district contest.

In the district and state competitions, in addition to assessing soil properties and recommendations for best use of the land, members had to take a general knowledge exam and correctly use a soil survey report.

The rural soils team placed 5th in the district. The top 4 individuals who advanced to the state competition are Ashlyn Lust, Chase Temple, Case Armstrong, and Anysten Vanhouten.
Rural Soils Team A. Hayes, A. VanHouten, A. Lust, C. Armstrong

The district urban soils team placed second in the district. The top three individuals were Oliver Rupprecht, Brock Blackenhorn, Orissa Humes, and Hailey Stagg.

Urban Soils Team B. Blankenhorn, O. Rupprect, O. Humes, H. Stagg

On October 9, the teams competed in the state soil competition in Delaware county with roughly 350 FFA students from across Ohio. The rural soil state competition team placed 40th overall. The urban team placed 11th in the state, with Brock Blakenhorn and Oliver Rupprecht placing in the top 30 individuals.

The Mount Vernon FFA is excited to compete in next year’s soil competitions.
Information courtesy of Mount Vernon City Schools