Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Sep 30, 2021

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Sep 30, 2021
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

September 29
Deputies were dispatched to Kenyon Safety Office on a theft call. The complainant advised their catalytic converter had been stolen from their vehicle. The complainant did not know exactly when it had been stolen but had noticed a problem with her vehicle the last few days. A report was taken.

Deputies were dispatched to a residence in Mount Vernon on a disturbance. The complainant said that their mother was currently at the home taking jewelry, paperwork and guns. Upon arrival, the complainant advised deputies that her mother was armed. Deputies asked the mother to come outside to talk. The female, Elizabeth A. Delano, refused and started to retreat further in the house. Due to the threat of a weapon, deputies handcuffed her and detained her to follow up with the investigation. Delano resisted and yelled out that she had a gun on her.  A gun was not found on her person but two firearms were found in the area she was handcuffed. Delano was placed in the cruiser and questioned. Delano was uncooperative and belligerent. She was asked to calm down and to quit yelling. She then began hitting the cruiser’s back window with her head. The deputy again opened the door and instructed her to stop. She did not stop and started to kick the door panel and side window. Delano was then hobbled and placed on her back where she continued to scream and spit on the cage divider. Delano was then transported to the Knox County Jail, and charged with disorderly conduct (persisting) and obstructing official business.

A deputy was dispatched to W Scott Lane for a stolen bicycle. Dispatch advised that the victim was at the Kenyon College Campus Safety Office. The deputy responded to that location and made contact with the complainant/victim.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office immobilized a vehicle per court order of Franklin County Municipal Court.

September 30
Deputies placed a four-hour hold on a vehicle abandoned on private property. After the four hours had expired, the vehicle was inventoried and impounded. A report was completed to document the incident.

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