Earlier Subscription Email Delivery Time

If you are a subscriber to our daily email news digest, you will be receiving your daily dose of The Mount Vernon Grapevine at a much earlier time than normal each day.  Previously, we sent news digests to our subscribers for the previous day starting at 4:00 AM EST.

Starting from today, you will receive your subscription email with the current day’s news around 6:00 PM (EST) daily Monday through Friday.  We hope that this gives you the opportunity to catch up with daily events sooner and give you something to look forward to for those of you getting home from work in the evening.

If you are not currently a subscriber and would like to take advantage of this free service, hop over to our website and look for the subscribe section.  For desktop users, this can be found in the left-hand column below the word Login.  For mobile users, this can be found at the bottom of our website beneath the stories, directly below the word Login.  Don’t forget to look for the email to verify your subscription!  We look forward to serving you.


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