Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Sep 27, 2021

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Sep 27, 2021
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

September 25
A male called the Knox County Sheriff’s Office to report that his juvenile daughter has been unruly and stealing from him. A Knox County Deputy made contact with the parent over the phone. The Deputy also made contact with the juvenile’s probation officer and a theft report was filed.

Deputies were dispatched to Crabapple Drive on a report of juveniles trespassing on the caller’s property, and that they were swimming in his swimming pool.

A complainant called 911 and advised dispatch that he needed deputies at his residence right away or he was going to shoot a female. Deputies responded to the residence and spoke to all parties involved. Statements were collected from all individuals and the report will be sent to the Mount Vernon City Law Director’s Office for review of possible charges.

September 26
Deputies were dispatched to Kenyon College Safety to collect a small amount of marijuana for disposal. A small baggie was collected and placed into evidence for disposal.

Deputies responded to a disturbance on Wilson Road. Parties were separated and a report was taken for review.

A complainant called the Knox County Sheriff’s Office to report the theft of a piece of equipment that they use for their business. The complainant later found the equipment but discovered it had been vandalized. A report was filed to document the incident.

A complainant called to report that her adult daughter left the residence after taking pills and making suicidal remarks. Deputies responded and made contact with all parties. The female advised that she did not make suicidal remarks and did not take any pills. The female went voluntarily to KCH to speak to a mental health professional. She was transported to KCH without incident.

September 27
Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Rabbit Ridge Road for a disturbance. While en route additional information was received that a female involved in the disturbance was threatening self-harm. Deputies located the female and she was pink-slipped to Knox Community Hospital. Statements were collected and a report was sent to the City Law Director to review for criminal charges.

Deputies were dispatched to a Mount Vernon residence on a juvenile making suicidal threats. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with the father, who showed them a few notes that referenced wanting to kill themselves. Deputies spoke with the juvenile, but she refused to go to the hospital for an evaluation. The Juvenile Probation on-call was then contacted and advised deputies that she did not have a choice and was ordered to go to the hospital. The juvenile was advised, and she reluctantly went with the deputies to KCH for an evaluation. The father followed deputies to the hospital. The juvenile was transported without incident and was cooperative. A copy of the incident report was sent to Juvenile Probation.

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