Fredericktown Street and Sidewalk Audit Complete

Thank you to the MVNU students that surveyed our sidewalks, or lack thereof, for the past two mornings. This data will be used in the future in completing an Active Transportation Plan for the Village of Fredericktown. One of the long-term goals of this plan is to create new and safer existing sidewalks throughout Fredericktown.
The active transportation plan may also be useful in pursuing grant funding in the future for projects along the lines of Safe Routes To School, where additional new sidewalk is installed for pedestrian traffic, particularly to and from school. If such a project were to materialize, it won’t likely be until 2025, or so.
We appreciate the efforts of the MVNU students and staff and the ongoing support of Tami Lybarger Ruhl, and her colleagues at Knox Public Health.
Information courtesy of the Village of Fredericktown.