Mount Vernon Police Register – Sep 07, 2021

Mount Vernon Police Register – Sep 07, 2021
(Information courtesy of The Mount Vernon Police Department)



September 2
An officer responded to a disturbance in the parking lot of Kroger. The officer spoke to a female who stated that her ex-boyfriend hit her car and verbally threatened her. A report was taken and will be forwarded to the City Law Director for review.

September 3
An officer was dispatched to 5 North Gay Street in reference to a theft from a vehicle.

An officer was dispatched to Boyle Street in Mount Vernon in reference to criminal damaging to a vehicle.

An officer was advised by dispatch that felony probation was needed an officer on West Chestnut Street. Charges will be sent to the Knox County Prosecutor for review.

A business on Gambier road reported a theft and damage to a vehicle that occurred within the past week. No suspect at this time.

Units were dispatched to the 800 block of West Gambier Street for a male causing a disturbance with a hatchet. Upon arrival to the area, an officer advised the male had gone into a house in the 300 block of Ridgewood Avenue. The officer, being familiar with the address, knew that Andrew D. Wilson Jr. resided there. Contact was made with Wilson and he stated that he has had an ongoing dispute with the complainants. Wilson stated as he was walking by the complainant’s home, he got into a verbal altercation that escalated to Wilson pulling a hatchet out and threatening to use it. Wilson stated that he told the complainant he would use the hatchet and was not afraid to die. Wilson also advised that he like to “get violent, real violent.” The complainant believed Wilson’s threat and called 9-1-1. The officer was able to speak to witnesses and obtained statements. Witnesses said that they hear Wilson making threats with the hatchet. Wilson was secured in handcuffs, in the rear position, gapped appropriately and double-locked. Wilson was transported to the Knox County Jail and charged with aggravated menacing.

Officers responded to a drunk complaint on Newark Road. A male individual was arrested and issued a citation.

September 5
An officer was patrolling South Mulberry Street near West Gambier Street when the officer observed a red 2005 Hyundai car in a parking space. The officer also observed the driver’s door was open and a female was leaning out. The officer parked their patrol car behind the vehicle and made contact with Randi N. Yacono who was unconscious behind the steering wheel of the vehicle. Officers woke up Yacono and explained to her what was going on. Yacono was unable to sit up due to her high levels of intoxication. She was verbally aggressive and would not comply with the officer’s requests. The officer observed the car keys on the floorboard at Yacono’s feet which were easily accessible. Yacono began projectile vomiting and a medic was requested by the officer. Yacono was transported to Knox Community Hospital ER to receive medical attention. Upon arrival to KCH, the officer read the BMV 2255 and issued a traffic citation for physical control.

An officer was dispatched to KCH Urgent Care on Coshocton Avenue for a harassment. Charges were filed for Cole Hoeflich for disorderly conduct in a medical facility.

September 6
An officer was patrolling the area of West Chestnut Street and Riverside Drive. The officer conducted a routine registration check on a vehicle and was advised that the license plate was entered into LEADS as stolen. Contact was made with a male and a female who were around the vehicle. The female stated that her boyfriend put the plate on her car and she knew nothing about it. The female advised, at her home on Columbus Road, she has the title for proof of ownership. The female provided her boyfriend’s name as Dustin A. Atkinson. Dispatch advised that Atkinson has a warrant and is a good pickup. Units transported the female to her residence on Columbus Road and made contact with Atkinson. He was secured in handcuffs, in the front position, gapped appropriately and double-locked. Atkinson was searched and asked about the stolen license plate. Atkinson advised that he did steal the plate and wrote out a statement. The officer transported Atkinson to the Knox County Jail where he was incarcerated. The report will be forwarded to the Knox County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

An officer observed a male matching the description from a prior disturbance in the area of West High Street. At that time, a call was being dispatched at the West High Street address on a drunk male disturbing staff and customers. The officer made contact with the male who persisted in disorderly conduct while intoxicated. The male was arrested after being warned for his conduct. During the arrest, he resisted arrest and was taken into custody. While preparing for transport, the male kicked the door to the cruiser several times causing damage. A written statement and video were requested.  A report was taken. Nothing further to report at this time.



September 1
Christian W. Robinette was arrested on an outstanding warrant.
Robert S. Adams was cited for temporary instruction permit.
Jesse J. Humphrey Jr. was cited for driver’s view/control obstructed.
Patricia L. Arrigo was cited for failure to control.

September 2
Jeffrey A. Petrey was charged with possession of drugs and possession of drug abuse instruments.
James D. Smith was cited for seat belt required.
Ronald D. Brown was cited for operation at a stop sign.

September 3
Vaughn Stoutenburgh was arrested on an outstanding warrant.
Andrew D. Wilson Jr. was charged with aggravated menacing.
Paul E. Logan Jr. was cited for driving under an FRA suspension.
Elisabeth R. Loska was cited for overtake/pass left of center.
Austin J. Brown was cited for starting and backing vehicles.
Carl E. Everett was cited for driving under the influence.

September 4

Joshua M. Loveland was cited for failure to reinstate license.
Larry J. Butler Jr. was cited for operation at a stop sign, no operator’s license and was charged with drug abuse and marijuana drug paraphernalia.

September 5
Dustin A. Atkinson was arrested on an outstanding warrant.
Randi N. Yacono was cited for having physical control of vehicle while under the influence.
Amanda J. Grubbs was cited for operator/chauffeur license required.
Patricia A. Csaba was cited for operation at a stop sign.
Mary B. Hunter was cited for driving under an FRA suspension.
Roberta M. Simmons was cited for right of way when turning left.
Joshua A. Preece was cited for driving under an FRA suspension.

September 6
Robert L. Preece was charged with resisting arrest, criminal damaging, disorderly conduct, and theft.