Firefighters That are Dedicated to the Mission

Our mission is based on providing the best customer service we can possibly provide to our fire district. We will do whatever we can to assist those in need.
Over the weekend, we removed a cat that was stranded high in a tree as two sweet little children anxiously waited for their pet’s safe return.
Over the years, we have done our best to help others, regardless of the situation. For example, we have removed numerous cats from trees, pumped out flooded basements, removed downed trees across roadways, installed smoke detectors and replaced detector batteries, and even unclogged a plugged toilet for an elderly gentleman.
Our firefighters are dedicated to the mission.
If you are interested in helping others in their times of need, we are always looking for new members. Please feel free to contact us at 740-694-9701 if we can answer any questions about opportunities in serving your community.
Information courtesy of the Fredericktown Community Fire District