Commercial Trucks on Residential Streets

In our efforts to address the issues of commercial trucks driving through our city residential streets and being “Off State Routes” We have begun a mailing campaign to local businesses that we have identified as possibly utilizing these vehicles in their business.
We have sent letters to shipping and receiving personnel and business managers requesting assistance in educating the drivers of the proper routes to take through the city. Also included in the mailings are signs that have been made up to be posted advising truck drivers that they are subject to being cited for being off of state routes.
Officers of the Mount Vernon Police Department are continuing to patrol and respond to citizen traffic complaints. Our goal is not to issue citations but to educate drivers in proper routes. That being said citations have been and will continue to be issued to violators as necessary.
We are also asking for the public’s help. If you are a driver, know a driver, or work at a business that utilizes commercial trucks, please assist us in spreading the word.
Chief Robert Morgan