Governor, Lt. Governor Issue Statement on Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation Ruling

(COLUMBUS, Ohio)— July 29, 2021 – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Lt. Governor Jon Husted today issued the following statement after learning the judge denied the motion to reinstate the benefits provided under the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program:

“We are pleased with the decision. We have heard over and over again from employers who can’t find workers to fill open positions, and this policy helps both employers and workers. Our administration has focused on opportunities to help Ohioans find quality, well-paying jobs. As a result of the tough decisions we have made, Ohio’s recovery is strong, unemployment claims are declining, and Ohio’s unemployment rate is below the national average.”

11 thoughts on “Governor, Lt. Governor Issue Statement on Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation Ruling

  1. You have 5000 office workers staying home because you close everything i am 60 years old and been on my job for 18 years and I am still off work if you’re state government didn’t close everything we wouldn’t have to be on unemployment.

  2. This makes it hard for single parents with young children, with childcare so high and spaces so limited because children on summer break and covid guidelines. On top of that a lot of jobs want to pay between $8-$12 per hour. With rent on the rise plus trying to find a safe place for your children to go durning the summer months how are you looking out for your constituents? They are the ones having to leave their child home to go to a job that will barely pay their rent if they are lucky. At least in September their children would be back in school freeing them up to work and know that their children are in a safe envirment. I am fortunate that this is not a issue that I face but I know many who do way to proctect the people and choldren of YOUR STATE.

  3. Talk about not letting your people or children suffer it we indeed are! That unemployment is very much needed for us struggling family’s still trying to recover from this worldly pandemic!!!

  4. The only reason that they are happy with the courts decision is it’s more money in their pockets and helps the rich stay richer. Corruption has already been uncovered in the governor’s office, I wouldn’t put it passed them if they bribed the judge too in order to keep it in their best interests. Your state is crumbling due to poverty and crime is rising governor, I think you’ve over-stayed your welcome as someone in a position of power in this state. I think a federal investigation needs to be done against you and your cabinet.

  5. Let’s take the governor and everyone that works for him and take there pay away and give them 170 a week to live on and see how they can survive. Then they will know how most of us are struggling. Answer why they got the case switched from cuyahoga county courts where originally it was filed to be held instead it was infront of a judge that was on the goveners side. Hmmm think about that one. It’s easy for them to say we feel like the state is doing better until they can walk in our shoes they have no right to say anything. I work 3rd shift at my job for many yrs and my company is only open for morning and afternoon so I am still unemployed

  6. I had a job, and I’d like to have it back! Evidently I’m too expensive for my previous employer who gave my job to a much younger person who has since left. They are on their next person already. It would have been much less expensive to keep me. Fools. BTW I’m 60. Looking for comparable work and wage. Yeah right. I’m looking at jobs 45 minutes out plus on a good day.

  7. Stopping a measly 300$ a week that would last until September, but the Governor pays out millions $ of dark illegal money with no problem to his buddies

  8. Ive worked since I was 10 yrs old never once filed unemployment, it’s now been 1 years that I’ve looked for employment. Phone isnt ringing, but applied 100 jobs a week. I now have no cobra insurance as 200 a week doesnt cover it. Then you put people going months without any income from unemployment. It took 5 months to get any income when you shut the state down. I’m going to lose everything I worked so hard for. No food 1st time no insurance on my car and a place to call home on top of no gas. So how are you going to help people that a depress for some assistance? I called email your office many time to get a reply for help.

  9. I applied for unemployment on June 13, 2021 first it was pending and then they denied it so then I had to file an appeal because they said I quit my job wish I didn’t they were going to terminate me and they said it look better if I just resigned I would resign with 2 1/2 years to go for I could retire I worked there for 22 1/2 years as others have said on the site I’ve Applied for jobs and if my age is preventing it plus my body so tore up I don’t know how I could work anywhere physical I had Covid twice last year I was off work for that they use that against me tell me it was my attendance and I still haven’t got anything from unemployment I can’t wait that long either I don’t have any money coming in.I talked to Unemployment today she told me 4 to 6 weeks to appeal the decision has already been over a month

  10. Mike need to go he don’t care about the people who out here hungry and becoming homeless he has food to eat a bed to sleep in out her giving out millions of dollars to single people who had their Cov shot he should have took that 6 million and the people who out here struggle I bet their some one who won 1 of those millions he know dam shame the judge agree with him probably a republic and got paid for going along with Mike your time is up soon and the judge need to go.

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