Closures and Detours Due to Coshocton Avenue Accident


Due to the accident on Coshocton Avenue, the City Street Department informed that the following Roads/Intersections will be closed until well after 4 PM on this date, July 28, 2021.



– Coshocton Avenue and Sychar Road is Closed for EB traffic.

– Coshocton Avenue and Vernon View Drive is Closed to WB traffic.

– Coshocton Avenue and Verndale Drive are closed in all directions.

– The SB turn lane on Vernon View Drive onto Coshocton Avenue is closed.

– Eastwood Drive is closed.

– Teryl and Marita Drive intersection is closed.



-Sychar Road to Beech Street from EB traffic on Coshocton Avenue from downtown area.

-Vernon View to Beech Street from WB traffic on Coshocton Avenue from Howard area.


Information courtesy of the Mount Vernon Police Department

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