KCSO Purchases Portable Drug Incinerator

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office has purchased a portable drug incinerator to help dispose of drugs and contraband. The incinerator will be used to burn seized drugs that are no longer needed as evidence in criminal cases, along with prescription drugs that are placed in the drop off box located in the sheriff’s office lobby. The incinerator was purchased with a combination of funds from the drug seizure and fine fund, along with the furtherance of justice fund. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office takes in an average of approximately 5 pounds per week, in the drop off box. For anyone wishing to use the drop box, all pills must be removed from their container and placed in a clear plastic bag. Absolutely no liquids or sharps are permitted. Liquids can be mixed with coffee grounds, cat litter, or other absorbent material and then disposed of with normal trash.


Information courtesy of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office

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