Mount Vernon Police Register – Jun 28, 2021

Mount Vernon Police Register – Jun 28, 2021
(Information courtesy of The Mount Vernon Police Department)



June 23
An officer investigated a suspicious vehicle on North Sandusky Street. Charges will be sent to the Knox County Prosecutor’s Office.

An officer was dispatched to West Burgess Street for domestic violence.  Johnny Humphrey was arrested and charged for domestic violence and assault.

An officer was at Knox Community Hospital when the charge nurse advised them of an assault in room 1. The officer spoke to the female in room 1 and it was determined that an act of domestic violence had taken place. A report was completed with charges.

An officer was dispatched to Goodwill on Upper Gilchrist Road in reference to a theft.

An officer responded to West Gambier Street on an alleged assault complaint. Written statements and photographs were obtained. The suspect fled the scene prior to the officer’s arrival. A charge of assault and a warrant for arrest were issued. A protection order was also issued for the victim.

June 24
An officer responded to McGibney Road on a parking complaint. The vehicle had a 48-hour hold placed on it that had expired. The officer impounded the vehicle as an abandoned vehicle. Howard Street Garage took possession of the vehicle and transported it to their facility. No charges were filed and the investigation has been closed.

June 25
A female, who lives outside of Mount Vernon, reported a theft while at a business on Martinsburg Road. A report has been filed.

June 26
An officer was patrolling the area of Town Center on North Sandusky Street and observed a silver Jeep Cherokee belonging to Theresa M. Cupps. The officer is familiar with Theresa being associated with Jeremiah S. O’Neil who has a warrant. Jeremiah was observed lying in the backseat of the Jeep. Dispatch advised that Jeremiah had several warrants for his arrest out of Wyandot Common Pleas, Mount Vernon Municipal Court and Knox County Juvenile Court. Jeremiah was secured in handcuffs, in the rear position, gapped appropriately, and double-locked. Jerimiah was searched and transferred to the Knox County Jail.

An officer responded to a report of a deer that was struck on Mount Vernon Avenue. Upon arrival, the deer was dispatched and removed from the roadway. A report was taken.

An officer was patrolling the area of North Sandusky Street and Belmont Avenue and observed Robert R. Matheny III at the Town Center gas station. Robert has been previously banned from entering onto the property. Robert was issued a court summons for criminal trespass.

June 27
Units were watching a house with known drug activity. Units observed a vehicle leave the house with no headlights on. An officer was sitting stationary on South Jackson Street and West Gambier Street and observed the vehicle travel in front of them and they observed Nicholas M. Hamilton driving the vehicle. Nicholas has a warrant for his arrest. When a traffic stop was initiated, Nicholas fled the area going at a high rate of speed. During the vehicle pursuit, Nicholas went out into the county and eventually came back into the city and crashed near Mount Vernon Avenue. This report will be forwarded to The Knox County Prosecutor’s Office for charges.



June 23
Patrick J. Banks was arrested on an outstanding warrant.
Sammie L. Bethea Jr. was charged with domestic violence.
Johnny L. Humphrey Jr. was charged with assault.
Dusten R. Bell was cited for driving under an FRA suspension and random verification suspension.

June 24
Vaughn Stoutenburgh was arrested on an outstanding warrant.
Denny W. Dilldine was arrested on an outstanding warrant.
Stephen L. Backus was cited for temporary permit without a licensed driver.
Cody J. Bevington was cited for failure to maintain assured clear distance ahead.

June 25
Carrie L. Keller was cited for starting and backing vehicles.
Rex E. Haddix II was cited for driving under an FRA suspension.

June 26
Jeremiah S. O’Neil was arrested on an outstanding warrant.
Christopher I. Goodall was cited for speed.
Rochelle R. Renninger was cited for driving under suspension and driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

June 27
Michael W. Kromoff was cited for driving under suspension.
Heather M. Watts was cited for window tint – 50% front side windows.
Jessica L. Maglott was cited for a red light.
Timberly Klintworth was cited for driving under an FRA suspension.

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