Knox County Sheriff’s Report – May 06, 2021

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – May 06, 2021
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

May 4
Deputies were dispatched to Danville, Ohio, on a vandalism call. The complainant said that sometime between 3:00 P.M. and 3:15 P.M. on 05/04/2021, that someone had pushed over their patio table and broke the glass top. The complainant was asked if there had been a storm recently and their response was no, that someone had intentionally broken it. However, several other chairs and tables had appeared to be blown over. The complainant was adamant that an unknown individual had broken the table top. A report was taken. Photos of the damage were taken, as well as body cam video.

A victim/complainant arrived at the Knox County Sheriff’s Office to report an identity fraud. A deputy made contact with the victim/complainant and a report was filed for documentation.

A deputy was notified of a theft complaint that was on the phone. Dispatch transferred the complainant and the deputy spoke with them about the incident.


May 5
Deputies were dispatched to a residence in Mount Vernon, Ohio, on a vandalism. The complainant said she noticed that her front fender on her vehicle had been scratched intentionally. Photos were taken of the damage, and a report was filed.

A deputy responded to a residential group home in reference to someone banging on the door and trying to enter. The deputy arrived on the scene and made contact with all parties involved. A male, Kennard L. Betsey, was issued a citation for disorderly conduct while intoxicated and the male was given a ride to a friend’s house in Mount Vernon.

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