Patel Retirement

Knox Community Hospital Administration would like to thank Dr. Patel for his years of service to our Community. He brought so much joy to our team, and we are grateful for all he has done. We wish him the best on his new journey and are truly grateful for the positive impact he has had on many lives in this Community.
Congratulations, Dr. Patel, Enjoy Retirement.
-Knox Community Hospital Administration
A few words from Dr. Patel to the Community
After 39 years of having a happy, joyful medicine practice in Mount Vernon, it is time to retire at the end of April, with some happiness and a little down feeling.
First of all, I will miss patients who I really love and learned a lot from each other about life. I will also miss some of my medical colleagues with who I have had good times and fun. Also, my nurses, techs, and ancillary people. I am also very thankful to the administrators; they were great to me.
After the end of this journey, happy beginnings will start. I will spend time with my grandchildren, travel, and visit lots of my friends and family. I will also occasionally play golf. I am very blessed to live in a community with nice people.
Be Healthy and Happy, and God Bless Everyone.
Thank you,
Dr. Patel
Information courtesy of Knox Community Hospital

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