MVNU 2021 Service Above Self Award

The 2021 Service Above Self Award was recently awarded to Matias Malkamaki and Lauren Klopfenstein.
This award recognizes those students who have distinguished themselves in their college career through service to others, and represent the highest ideal of our University motto: “TO SEEK TO LEARN IS TO SEEK TO SERVE.”
“During the years that he has spent as an undergraduate at MVNU, Matias has exemplified a lifestyle of caring about others. An examination of the activities in which he has engaged readily reveals a deep concern to help others, regardless of their circumstances. Matias demonstrated care for the health of the MVNU community. His time assisting the MVNU nurse, both directly as a Nurse Assistant and a Resident Health Advisor, and as part of the COVID-19 Saliva Testing Team, revealed that his desire to help others thrive. He has invested hundreds of hours as a peer mentor, worship leader, admissions representative, blood drive coordinator, campus club leader, and small group leader. … Matias, we have been blessed by your humble, faithful service to our campus.”

“Lauren Klopfenstein has embodied the characteristics of a servant leader at MVNU. During her time here, Lauren has served the school in innumerable
 ways — many of which were behind the scenes. Lauren demonstrated commitment to the well-being of her peers through her participation in the COVID Taskforce, Student Government, and the both the Commuter and Retention Council. Lauren demonstrated particular care for those students who struggle to find their place at MVNU. She has given special attention to increasing handicap accessibility and enriching the experience of commuters. … Lauren is reliable, compassionate, and hard-working. Thank you for your faithful service, Lauren. We have been blessed by your courageous, humble leadership.”
Nominees included Ean See, Katie Doll, Luke Couchman, Brianna Chenevey, Jake Friday, Chloe Davis, Jonah Barnett, and Salena (Alexander) Lehman.


Information courtesy of the Mount Vernon Nazarene University

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