Wildlife Wednesday – The Red Fox

It’s Wildlife Wednesday time! Today as the snow is falling, let’s spotlight something that will make you ask “What Does the Fox Say” – the red fox.
This fox is most commonly a rusty-red or reddish yellow color from its face down its back and sides. Its undersides, throat area, and cheeks are white. The legs, feet, and outside of the ears are black; its long, bushy tail has black hairs mixed with the red and ends in a white tip.
Red foxes are found in a variety of habitats, including mixed, cultivated, and wooded areas, as well as brush lands.
Mating occurs in the winter and a litter of one to 10 kits is born in the spring. The male brings food to the nursing female until the young are weaned. They accompany the adults on hunting trips where they learn basic survival skills.
DID YOU KNOW?: Red foxes are solitary animals and do not travel in packs like wolves, which are not found in Ohio. They also hunt like cats because they stalk their prey. Black and silver forms of the red fox occur occasionally.

For more info on mammals in Ohio from the Ohio Division of Wildlife, download the Mammals of Ohio field guide at https://ohiodnr.gov/…/Mammals%20of%20Ohio%20Field…. #WildOhio

Information courtesy of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources

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