Governor DeWine Urges Ohioans to Remain Committed to Safety Practices, Announces Measurement for Lifting Health Orders

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – March 4, 2021 —In a statewide address to Ohioans Thursday evening, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine urged Ohioans to remain committed to following COVID-19 safety practices as Ohio cases trend downward, and detailed the measurement needed to lift all Ohio Department of Health orders. 

“This has been a very tough year for Ohioans, yet we did what Ohioans always do– we rallied together to protect the most vulnerable,” said Governor DeWine. “The end of our fight is now in view, but we must continue pressing forward. We can set realistic goals that we are within reach for lifting health orders.”  

Governor DeWine announced that when Ohio reaches 50 cases per 100,000 people for two weeks, all health orders will be lifted. Cases per 100,000 people for a two-week period is a measurement that Governor DeWine and the Ohio Department of Health have utilized since early in the pandemic. 

Governor DeWine also detailed the success that Ohio has seen recently in the COVID-19 pandemic. Ohio’s stay-at-home order and curfew have been lifted, and restaurants, bars and gyms are open. In February, Ohio vaccinated over 200,000 educators for students to return to in-person learning. As of today, nearly 95 percent of Ohio’s K-12 students have returned to school for in-person learning. 

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Information courtesy of the Governor of Ohio

One thought on “Governor DeWine Urges Ohioans to Remain Committed to Safety Practices, Announces Measurement for Lifting Health Orders

  1. I’m trying to stay with guidelines for getting inoculation but it’s impossible because the system is eating itself. Called the state published contact who referred me to the city contact who referred me to the county contact which was disconnected and left a message saying keep trying. I’m a 79 year old who is guardian to à MRDD consumer in addition works with two consumers and they’ve all gotten shots but I can’t get a second shot because the time has expired and/or I can’t find a location private or government. Glad the governor and his wife got photographed getting theirs. Like all good politicians their attitude is “me first” everybody else good luck!

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