Let’s Get Schooled on Squirrels

Who doesn’t love squirrels? Like all wild animals living among us, the more we know about them, the more we can appreciate their lives and coexist peacefully. Squirrels just want to have fun and we can help by knowing how and when to assist a young squirrel and when to leave them be.
Since gray squirrels nest twice a year – in late winter (Feb. /March) and summer (July/Sept.), it won’t be long before we might see baby squirrels in our neighborhoods. The best chance of survival for all wild babies is with their mother. Ohio Wildlife Center is pleased to offer detailed information on our website so you know just what to do if you encounter a squirrel that you think might need human help. Go to www.ohiowildlifecenter.org/found-an-animal. Thank you for caring about our precious wildlife!
Information courtesy of the Ohio Wildlife Center

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