Self Injury Awareness Day

Self-Injury Awareness Day on March 1st each year focuses on increasing education and support on a misunderstood problem.

When someone causes deliberate self-injury or harm, the action is an indication of emotional distress. According to research from the Journal of American Board of Family Medicine, approximately 4% of Americans self-harm, with a majority of those being college students. The day aims to help friends and family recognize the signs and help those in emotional distress find help. Help and support can be found, though.

Self-injury occurs in many forms, including cutting, scratching, punching, and ingestion of chemicals. Those who self-harm do so for a variety of reasons. Some of them include coping with fear, stress, anxiety, or inducing positive feelings.

People who self-injure may try to hide their injuries. Their clothing may not fit the season. Other signs may include:

  • unexplained cuts, burns, or bruises
  • inability to handle emotions
  • avoiding relationships
  • problems with relationships
  • issues at work, home, or school
  • poor self-esteem

Resources and support are available to help understand and treat self-injury. Seeking a professional consultation is an essential first step.

HOW TO OBSERVE #SelfInjuryAwarenessDay

There are several ways to participate in the observance. Learn more about self-injury and find help if you need it. Organizations around the country will be hosting events with speakers and seminars designed to start a dialogue and provide helpful information. Understand that no one has to suffer alone, and there is help.

  • Attend an event or organize an event near you.
  • Wear orange to show your support.
  • Help remove the stigma associated with this and other mental health concerns.
  • Open a dialogue by starting the conversation.
  • Find resources and support by visiting the Center for Discovery or

Use #SelfInjuryAwarenessDay to share your story on social media.


Several organizations promote Self-Injury Awareness Day each year to raise awareness about self-injury and how to provide support.

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