Secrets of the City

Perhaps no animal in our state has been subjected to more harmful myths and misinformation than the coyote. This is changing, thanks in large part to 21 years of painstaking research and public education by the Urban Coyote Research Project. The founder of this project, Dr. Stanley Gehrt, is a professor and wildlife extension specialist at The Ohio State University and an international expert on urban wildlife. Don’t ever miss an opportunity to hear a presentation on urban coyotes by Dr. Gehrt – a truly enlightening experience! Learn more at Urban Coyote Research Project.
Fifty years ago, there were no coyotes in cities. Today, all cities have coyotes and within the last 20 years, these wild canines have become common in all metropolitan areas of the United States. February is the peak mating season for coyotes and can also be a time of increasing conflict with people. Spotting or even hearing a coyote in your neighborhood or at a local park can elicit many emotions, both positive and negative. Because of the Urban Coyote Research Project, we can know the truth about these highly intelligent and amazingly adaptable mammals. Although coyotes have been known to attack people and pets, the risks are minimal and the majority of incidents could be reduced or prevented through changing our own behavior.
Thanks to the Urban Coyote Research Project for providing these Six Easy Steps to Avoid Conflicts with Coyotes: How to Avoid Conflicts with Coyotes | Urban Coyote Research
Information courtesy of the Ohio Wildlife Center

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