Ohioans Unsure About Studying for a College Degree Have a Low-Risk Option

WGU Academy is designed to help prepare busy, working adults pursue a college degree.


COLUMBUS, OHIO – After suffering economic setbacks in 2020, many Ohioans look to the new year as a chance to upskill their education and boost career opportunities.  But the thought of finding the time and resources for additional schooling can also be daunting – especially for adult learners with full-time jobs and family obligations. That’s why Western Governors University Ohio has created a program – the WGU Academy – to help potential students experience a taste of online education before they commit to a full course of learning.

“Many busy Ohioans may want a college degree but think they might not have time to commit to additional education. Others may be concerned they aren’t prepared to study for a degree,” said K.L. Allen, chancellor of Western Governors University Ohio (WGU Ohio).  “To address those concerns, we’ve developed a new way to help ease in those who may be having second thoughts about pursuing advanced education.”

Adult learners who enroll in the academy will commit to a low-cost, three-to-four-month program where they will take two online courses that align with the in-demand career field they wish to pursue. They must also complete WGU’s unique Program for Academic and Career Advancement, designed to strengthen the student’s confidence, tenacity, and learning skills. As students work at their own pace on these courses, they will also be assigned a coach to provide personalized one-on-one support. Students who successfully complete their two courses and the advancement program will be offered full admission to WGU and their Academy credits will be fully transferable into accredited WGU programs.

Western Governors University was founded in 1997 by a coalition of 19 U.S. state governors as a way to offer their citizens – particularly adult learners – the chance to go to college from home, at their own pace, while holding jobs and caring for their families. In 2018, Ohio became the eighth additional state to partner with WGU to offer its degree programs in health and nursing, business, teaching, and information technology. Since that time, WGU Ohio as an accredited, nonprofit university has helped more than 5,000 Ohio students receive the education and skills they need to pursue in-demand careers.


To learn more about the WGU Academy or to apply, visit www.wgu.edu/admissions/wgu-academy

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