Part-Time Drive Thru Positions Available

Now that we’re finally ready to open, it’s time to find some help!
We have our opening position covered, so we’ll be looking for a few part-time people to work the night and weekend shifts. What exactly that entails kind of depends on the availability of our applicants. Initially, we need to fill the 4-9 spot Monday thru Thursday, 4-10 on Friday’s and 2-10 on Saturdays. So if you’re looking for a part-time job, a second job, or to pick up a few hours after school, etc, you’ll be a great fit.
Eventually, once we’re up to full speed we anticipate that those positions will start sooner, and maybe move to something like a 1-9 position with full 8 hour days. Unless of course you’re in school or have another job and that doesn’t work, in which case we’ll try to work around your schedule. The need for longer shifts may happen sooner than later, so if you’re interested but would like more hours, we’re hoping that’s a possibility in the not so distant future.
Job duties will be typical convenience store fare- stocking shelves, cleaning and ringing out customers. We would love to have staff that actually knows our product lines because it’s insanely frustrating when you go somewhere and ask “do you have xxx” and all you get is the thousand yard stare.
Applicants must be at least 18 years old, not prone to theft  (don’t even try, there’s cameras all over the place, plus we ordered a ton of twisted tea and were not afraid to use it), be able to wake up bright and early at 3 pm to make it to work on time, and must be able to read someone’s ID so as not to accidentally sell fireball shooters to toddlers. Other than that, not much else is required. Customers give us money, you give them beer, end of transaction (there will be no receipts, there is no reason to bring ink and paper into this).
Interested applicants can message us on here and we can email you an application, or stop by and pick one up. Call ahead before hand so Tucker can have one waiting for you (740) 848-4185
Information courtesy of Elliston Refreshments

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