Transportation and Maintenance “Giving Hope”

Driver, Doug Peach draws a student’s name.

Over the past six years, the transportation and maintenance departments of Mount Vernon City Schools have collected $1,200 from their snack fund proceeds, and they plan to use those funds to support a yearly program called “Giving Hope.” Giving Hope, an employee based program, will bless one child from each of the six elementary schools of Mount Vernon City School District.

All elementary schools will submit a list of names of students who best exemplify the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports outcomes for students. Each school will have a designated “elf” (bus driver) who will draw the name of a student from the list. The six students whose names are drawn are eligible for a $200 shopping spree, shopping with their “elf” at WalMart.

Ed Harris and Shana Nelson read the name of a student winner.
Ed Harris and Shana Nelson selecting a winning student.


On December 19, students, along with their parents and siblings, will join the transportation and maintenance employees at 9:00 A.M. in the lounge of the new Education Gateway bus garage for refreshments and a tour of the new facility.

At the conclusion of the tour, the children who were selected for the spree and their elves will load the first bus driven by Santa and will leave the facility for Wal-Mart. The second bus will be available for family members to ride over to Wal-Mart together. After the students complete their shopping spree,

Employees of the Maintenance and Transportation department discuss the Giving Hope project.
Maintenance and Transportation employees discuss the Giving Hope program.

both buses will return to the transportation and maintenance facility around 11:30 A.M.

Dave Shoro driver of bus #3 stated, “The hope of this program is to make each child feel special and to give them a day to remember. We all need a bit of hope to help us end this challenging 2020 calendar year.”   Superintendent William Seder stated “We are incredibly grateful and extremely proud of the generosity of our transportation & maintenance staff members for continuing such a wonderful program.”

Employees of both the transportation and maintenance departments desire to see this program continue on a yearly basis.





Information courtesy of Mount Vernon City Schools

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