Two Candidates for Knox SWCD Board of Supervisors

We have two new candidates running this year, to fill 1 vacant position on the Knox SWCD Board of Supervisors.
The candidates are Chad McDonald and John Campbell.
Mr. McDonald farms with his family just north of Mount Vernon in Monroe Township. They have a diversified farming operation that includes the production of beef, poultry, and organic dairy and hay.
His primary conservation concerns for Knox County are the loss of farmland to non-agricultural uses and the over application/improper use of crop protection chemicals and the potential hazards due to their misuse.
Mr. Campbell is a Berlin Township resident with a BS in Geography. He and his family grow commercial pumpkins on their 5-acre property. He teaches Landscape and Ag Technology at the Knox Country Career Center. He provides special focus for his students in the areas of forestry, wildlife and soil science.
An avid canoer and fisherman Mr. Campbell feels it is important to focus on the health of our local rivers and tributaries. He believes that one of Knox County’s most pressing conservation issues is the impact that increases in storm-water discharges have on local streams.
Voting will commence November 19th until December 2nd. Individuals who own or occupy land within Knox County may vote for Supervisor. Voting can be done in person at our office at 160 Columbus Rd. during normal business hours. Or by requesting an absentee ballot from our office and returning it by mail or drop off no later than close of business on December 2nd.
Information courtesy of the Knox Soil & Water Conservation District

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