Judge Sends a Message: Show Up For Court!

Kristi Frabott, 37, formerly of Centerburg, was sentenced to 10 months in prison Thursday after failing to appear for sentencing in a 2016 theft case. After pleading guilty to the thefts in May of 2017, Frabott went missing for almost three years.
She was indicted for felony failure to appear in 2019. After her arrest on a warrant earlier this year, she entered a guilty plea to the failure to appear charge. On Thursday, Frabott arrived in court two hours late and appeared to be very surprised when Judge Richard Wetzel sentenced her to 6 months in prison on the theft charges and 10 months for the failure to appear. The sentences will run concurrently. With court appearances, like most things in life, just showing up is the first step to success.
Information courtesy of the Knox County Prosecutor’s Office

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