Fredericktown EMS Levy Passes

Dear Friends of Fredericktown EMS,
Well… we DID IT!!!! A simple “Thank you” seems inadequate…. but how else do we bless each of you that supported this endeavor? Many hours of work, sleepless nights worrying, and countless long discussions have brought us to this point of a PASSED levy! Fredericktown EMS is one of the premier EMS operations in this area and with support, Fredericktown will continue to lead the way into the EMS future, whatever that looks like.
Friends of Fredericktown EMS will not be leaving you! Although we will not be as “active” we will maintain a presence on social media to bring you updates about good deeds and achievements of Fredericktown EMS. If you cannot tell by now, we enjoy singing the praises of Fredericktown EMS and we think you should know what goes on. So, stay tuned and if you have a question, comment or concern please continue to reach out to us. If you have ideas on how EMS can better impact your lives or community, let’s hear them! Together we can all move the ball a little further down the field!
Again, THANK YOU Fredericktown Community !!!!
Information courtesy of the Friends of Fredericktown EMS

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