Fredericktown Community Fire District Levy Renewal

The members of the Fredericktown Community Fire District would like to thank the residents of our community for their support on our renewal levy that was on the ballot today.
“We appreciate the public support of our levy and our department,” said FCFD Fire Chief Dwayne Canter.
This levy directly funds the operations of the FCFD on a yearly basis. Although grants and other opportunities are sought out, this is a primary source of funding to provide protection to those living in, and traveling through our beautiful fire district.
“We sincerely appreciate the trust of our community in the services we provide and the manner in which we steward the money generated from our levies,” said Public Information Officer Jason Bostic. “It is through your support and generosity that we have been able to make the improvements, changes, and provide the community with the high level of service that we do.”
Your yes vote in passing this levy ensures that quality services will continue and that we can attain new goals in our journey to provide the best protection. Our residents who graciously support and trust us at the voting booth and beyond are a significant driving force to our members. Our service to community is something we don’t take lightly.
Information courtesy of the Fredericktown Community Fire District

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