Volunteers Needed for Free Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Our grocery list go 2020
4000 cookies homemade, frozen corn, green beans, 200 lbs red skinned potatoes, sour cream, cornbread stuffing, onions, celery, cranberry relish, sweet potatoes we are planning things differently this year. All meals will be packaged and ready to take out. I will be publishing more details later as we get all of the details worked out. If you want to volunteer to help this year I need to know I’m going to need about I’m guessing 15 volunteers an hour. All-day long on Wednesday. And then of course for the actual distribution. Everybody will have to have a voucher to get a meal. The vouchers will be available in November. More details to follow just stay up-to-date on our page. And like I said we definitely need our volunteers I count on you. If the Boy Scouts want to help this year I need to know that as soon as possible as well.

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