Trapping Season: History of Trapping in Ohio

The history of trapping dates back to the earliest days of mankind. For as long as people have tried to protect themselves from the elements, they have used the skins of furbearing animals. North America has always provided a wealth of furbearing animals. The first European settlers to reach these shores quickly observed this and fur became an article of trade in the early 1600s and is regarded as one of the oldest industries in North America. Trappers who followed furbearing animals played a large role in the development of this country and were largely responsible for opening up the western half of the United States for settlement.
The tradition of trapping has continued in Ohio for hundreds of years. As more and more people spread out across the land, problems between humans and wildlife became more common. Trappers helped control the population of some wild animals that might otherwise have caused damage to the settlers’ crops and livestock.
Ohio’s trapping season for fox, raccoon, skunk, opossum, weasel, mink, and muskrat opens November 10, 2020, and beaver and river otter seasons open December 26, 2020. View the Hunting & Trapping Regulations for more details: #wildohio
Information courtesy of Wild Ohio Hunter

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