Mount Vernon Municipal Court Weekly Warrants

Warrants were issued this week by the Mount Vernon Municipal Court for the arrest of the following individuals. If you have any pertinent information about someone on the list, please contact law enforcement. Thank you. #WeeklyWarrants

Not Pictured:

Anthony J. Seefeldt
Amber D. Browning
Dale E. Markum
Daniel Z. Goudy
Carlos A. Garnes
Payne E. Francis
Raydale Townsend

One thought on “Mount Vernon Municipal Court Weekly Warrants

  1. With all thee drug related warrants I would like to see them convert our State Hospital into a minimum security rehabilitation center. Would if been nice to convert the old school on Mulberry to addition for drug treatment. We are far enough off the beaten path to facilitate people with the opportunity to get clean and. Re dedicate their lives. This would be a boost to us locally for employment and open up doors for more development. I realize the people involved may not take advantage of this opportunity but it could free up some prison space and give hope to people that are ready to get a life. What do. You think ? With. The Siemens Cooper area available for development, it could be a workplace for those people to gain skills and earn money to help pay for their rehabilitation and bank some money for a fresh start.

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