Attorney General Dave Yost’s Statement on Preliminary Injunction Hearing in HB6 Litigation

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) — Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost issued the following statement in regards to this morning’s hearing for a preliminary injunction:

“I am disappointed with this morning’s ruling, but appreciate the attention Judge Brown paid to the issues.   

But as the Judge noted from the bench, it would be foolish for anyone to accept campaign contributions from these defendants — or, I might add, to engage in private discussions with these defendants or their lobbyists.  Anything they have to say — and there is much for them to say — should be said in public, where the people’s business ought to be conducted.

The core of this complaint remains: the corrupt enterprise funded by First Energy that procured a billion-dollar money hose for its benefit. Today was just a preliminary round. There’s a lot more yet to go.”

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