Wildlife Wednesday – Eastern Chipmunk



It’s time for another Wildlife Wednesday from your Ohio Division of Wildlife as we spotlight the Eastern Chipmunk.

This squirrel-like mammal inhabits deciduous forests and brushy areas. The name chipmunk comes from the noise “chip, chip, chip” commonly made by these furry animals.

Chipmunks are reddish-brown in color with five black stripes on their backs. These stripes are separated by brown, white, or gray colors. Their pouched cheeks are used to store and carry food.

Eastern chipmunks are omnivorous and typically eat seeds, fruits, meat, eggs, insects, and bulbs.

For more info, head to ohiodnr.gov/…/discover-and…/animals/mammals/eastern-chipmunk#WildOhio Ohio Department of Education

Information courtesy of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources

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