Changes in Danville Police Department

The past few days have brought about changes within the Danville Police Department. Many concerned citizens regarding plans for a school resource officer and patrol officer have approached me. Lt. Mark Perkins has retired from full-time status to part-time status focusing on criminal investigations and patrol duties. Currently, I am interviewing candidates for the full-time patrol officer’s position and candidates for the school resource officer position.
The resource officer position requires an extensive vetting process and many hours of background investigation in order to assure a well-qualified officer to place in Danville Schools.
The Danville Police Department will select a qualified man or woman to be a sworn Danville Police Officer. Danville Local Schools and the Danville Police Department are negotiating an agreement between Danville School and the Danville Police Department. The selected officer will be an intricate part of the school system. He or she will be a part of the educational process in addition to providing security and safety of the students and staff. In addition to performing all duties as a sworn police officer representing the Danville Police Department. During school hours, the officer will contribute to the education system by providing direct interaction with the students and community-oriented policing education.
The logistics are still being discussed, however; I feel this approach will benefit our entire community.
Three years ago, the Danville Police Department received $30,000 from two local citizens to hire and place a School Resource Officer within our schools. The Danville Police Department implemented the DARE program with the cooperation of the school system. The Danville Police Department has received favorable feedback from the community about our DARE program. It has been a valuable asset to our community. The School Resource Officer and DARE has assisted in bridging the gap between law enforcement and the citizens our Department serves. The Danville Police Department appreciates the commitment from the Danville Local Schools for providing a full-time position for a School/Police Resource Officer. The Danville Police Department appreciates the continued support of our citizens.
Please feel free to telephone my office with any questions or concerns. (740) 599-6888.

Chief Daniel Weckesser

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