Wildlife Wednesday – the Northern Cardinal

It’s time for another Wildlife Wednesday spotlight from your Ohio Division of Wildlife. Today we feature the state bird – the Northern Cardinal.

This bird is well known for its rich, distinctive call. The cardinal’s song is usually a repetition of short whistled phrases with some notes run together; for instance: What-cheer-cheer-cheer, or Who-it, who-it, who-it, or Birdy, birdy, birdy. There is also a sharp clink sound the bird makes as a call note. Cardinals can usually be found singing near the top of the tallest tree in their territory.

The male cardinal is an unmistakable brilliant red with black facial markings and a crested head. Females also have a head crest, but overall are duller in coloration. Female cardinals are a grayish, brown-red with true red only on their wings, tail, and crest. The red bill is also a distinguishing characteristic. As with many other species of birds, the muted appearance makes the female cardinal less conspicuous to predators when nesting.

For more info, head to https://ohiodnr.gov/…/disco…/animals/birds/northern-cardinal#WildOhio Ohio Department of Education

Information courtesy of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources