Station Break Center Delays Reopening

I regret to inform everyone that after several meetings with ODA and others the governor has come out with protocols on testing the high-risk seniors for Covid before and during the opening of the senior centers. The Station Break with the guidance of the Health Department decided at this time to delay our reopening until further information is available on how this would be accomplished.

Since the Station Break is a service center we will still be able to handout the Hot To Go meals every day Monday through Friday. Pickup will still be at 10:00 am and run through 11:00 am. Reservation for a To Go meal will still need to be made the day before and no same day To Go’s will be available. You can still get the weekly box of frozen meals on Wednesday if you would rather have that option instead of the daily hot meal.

This is just one more hurdle to get past but we will reopen as soon as it is possible and safe for us to do so.

Sorry, for the inconvenience this causes.

Meredith Lowther