Knox County Grand Jury Indictment

On Monday, July 27th the Knox County Grand Jury indicted Logan Weaver, 25, homeless for aggravated burglary of an acquaintance’s house. Weaver allegedly forced his way into the victim’s apartment by breaking down the door July 17. He then took energy drinks and bottled water from the victim’s fridge uninvited, according to Knox County Prosecutor, Chip McConville.

When confronted by the victim, Weaver allegedly assaulted her before fleeing the scene.

McConville explained that the alleged offense amounted to first-degree felony aggravated burglary because the offender not only trespassed but did so while the victim was present, committed theft while trespassing and also assaulted the victim.

Weaver is not currently in custody. A warrant is issued for his arrest.

This case was investigated by Ptl. Josh Jones.

Information courtesy of the Fredericktown Police Department