Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic Free Intestinal Parasite Screening

No one likes dealing with their pet’s poop – but what if we told you that a yearly fecal examination can help make sure your pet is in tip-top shape? And even better yet, what if we told you for a limited time a complete screen for intestinal parasites is FREE?
We are partnering with IDEXX Laboratories to offer intestinal parasite screening for dogs and cats at no cost at all to you! We are hoping the information we gain from this partnership will help us make recommendations in the future about your pet’s health.
It’s super easy to participate! Just give the clinic a call and one of our team members will walk you through the next steps! 740-694-5926
Normal #2s? Free!
Runny poos? Free!
Already coming in for another appointment? Bring a sample with you!

Information courtesy of the Fredericktown Vet Clinic

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