The Escape Zone Coming Back July 17

We are coming back!! This Friday, July 17th from 7 to 9:30 we will be having a trial run for reopening the Escape Zone. A few important announcements you need to read so that you are ready to return…

1) Registration is required as we have limited space (60 students) in our initial reopening phase. This week to register, text Karen Bush at 740-398-1305. She needs the name of all those attending. You will need to complete a registration form when you arrive, so make sure a parent/guardian comes with you.
2) Upon arrival you will select which room you want to go into, each room will have different activities/events. This will be the room you are in the entire evening. Options shown on post
3) We have an approved plan from the Health Department we must follow in order to open. Here are a few of those guidelines (full letter listed on post):
a) Kids will have to have their temperatures taken upon arrival
b) Required to wear a mask
c) Stay in the same room for the whole time
d) No contact sports in the gym
e) Maintain safe distancing of 6 ft apart


Information courtesy of The Escape Zone

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