New Recycling Locations Coming to Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon, Ohio – The Delaware, Knox, Marion, Morrow Solid Waste District (DKMM), and the City of Mt. Vernon are announcing the opening of two residential recycling drop off locations in the City of Mt. Vernon on July 15th.  The recycling containers will be located at Memorial Park close to the tennis courts and at the Park and Ride intersection area adjacent to Harcourt Road and State Route 229.  DKMM will evaluate the usefulness of the additional drop off recycling locations and determine their permanency.

DKMM Director Jenna Hicks stated that the partnership offers a recycling program to residents who do not currently have access to curbside recycling and that a city ordinance requires all trash haulers who operate in the City of Mt. Vernon to offer curbside recycling at no additional cost to city residents.  Recent updates to the ordinance specifically outline the inclusion of housing units with four units or less.

Hicks also said that City residents who have trash service are encouraged to utilize the free curbside program offered through their trash company.  “I don’t want to take away from the recycling program that is working and already in place,” said Hicks.  “The goal of the new drop off location is to give a recycling option for residents that don’t meet the criteria to participate in the free curbside recycling program.”

DKMM approached Mayor Matt Starr and offered the solution to the growing need for recycling.  The City was anxious to participate.

“It’s great news that people are recycling more,” said Starr.  “We have been taking steps to improve the recycling program in the city and we are happy to collaborate and offer a recycling location within the city to expand the options for residents.”

Items that can be placed in the containers are paper, flattened cardboard, plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, metal food/beverage cans, and cartons.

Residents with questions on what can be recycled at either location should visit or call Randy Canterbury, Knox County Recycling and Litter Prevention at 740-393-6704

Information courtesy of Knox County Recycling and Litter Prevention

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