Message From Sheriff Shaffer

As sheriff of Knox County, I would like to let our local citizens know they can be confident the coordinated efforts of Knox County Public Health, first responders, healthcare providers, local emergency management, and other agencies are effective and making a difference. Local daily COVID-19 updates help ensure that first responders and healthcare providers have equipment, supplies, and information to maintain operations. This is especially challenging during a rapidly evolving event.

The local call center helps provide information and resources to those in need. We encourage anyone that may need assistance to reach out, there are many people willing to help. Schools, universities, local businesses, groups, and individuals, have shown an abundance of generosity to help fill voids in equipment, supplies, and services. There are many people operating behind the scenes, not only to provide daily operations but to also assist during this critical time. On behalf of our staff, I would like to thank the citizens for their support, and we will continue to provide services during these times.


Thank you

Sheriff D. Shaffer

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